Youcef Aden's Origins

Spending time visiting museums in London and Paris, fashion designer Youcef Aden was struck by the beauty of a painting. Youcef saw in it an opportunity to create something truly unique and special. With his inspiration and creativity in overdrive, he decided to create a limited-edition collection of pieces for a fashion line, “Art-Wear” that would be a continuation of art and paintings.

Youcef Aden Design Studio was born out of his love and passion for art. With over 30 years within the music, fashion, and film world, Youcef has spread his net worldwide and worked with iconic legends from stage and screen. He has put his stamp on many things which instantly become successful.

To name but a few Youcef has worked on blockbuster movies as a special effects producer and coordinator and feature films including Carlito’s Way, Schindler’s List, and Interview with the Vampire as well as working as a Director and Music Producer as well with Global artists including Janet Jackson, En Vogue, Debbie Gibson, and Earth Wind and Fire.

From the world of Fashion Youcef worked as a Fashion Designer for household names including Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Eddie Murphy, and as a set designer for hit movies Beverley Hills Cop, Coming To America, and Top Gun.

On leaving LA a global success, Youcef landed in London and embarked on creating his unique style of London Night Life Members Club. Youcef saw a gap in the celebrity nightlife market and after honing his skills and contacts in Hollywood he started on his new adventure. The concept was an immediate success, a place where A-listers glitterati alike could let their hair down and party without the glare of the public and press watching or looking for front page headlines. Hedges and Butler were born. Some people say it was London’s very own Studio 54 2000’s.

Set in the heart of exclusive Mayfair, London, Hedges, and Butler was THE club to be seen with people queuing for hours to get the chance to say I was there. But being a global star would not always gain you entry or a special pass. Has it well known Youcef turned away some of the most famous people at their height of success? “Who are you? Sorry, not tonight”.

Youcef was the king of London nightlife his influence and success in 2008 Youcef was nominated and voted 2nd most influential person in London voted by the London Evening Standard Youcef’s pioneering club spawned a plethora of celebrity clubs but nothing matched and has never matched the great success of Youcef’s infamous club. Whether you’re partying in Ibiza, New York, Paris, or LA, people still talk about Youcef’s creation.

Not happy with conquering Hollywood and mingling with the stars, Youcef then set his sights on the Business and Political world becoming the Ambassador for the Nation of Hawaii and minister of Finance and foreign affairs, Youcef played an integral part in creating currency, creating financial institutions not to mention creating and setting up the Financial Police as well as writing some of the Acts for the government of Hawaii. Youcef then became Governor of the Central Bank of Hawaii which inspired him to launch, successfully run, and sell his very own bank. With his knowledge of banking and the financial world, Youcef became specialized in networking and putting together consortiums.

Not one for sitting back reflecting Youcef then used his energy drew on his knowledge and experience and started working tirelessly to capture the essence of the new Art-Wear Fashion Line in his designs.

Youcef’s Art-Wear line features celebrity mugshots and iconic musicians including Tupac, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Cain, David Bowie, and The Notorious B.I.G. Youcef said,

I wanted to create a unique Art Wear collection to emphasize a new way to wear art as if you are wearing a piece of art from a museum. The worn-out painting effect gives the collection a special look and feel which was inspired by the beauty and creativity that he has brought to this new way of combining art and fashion mixed with poetry and NFT.

On time to reflect. Living Life is an art. And we are all capable of being an artist of multiple arts and domains.

The vibrant colors and intricate details will bring joy and inspiration to all who wear it and to people who appreciate art. This limited-edition fashion line will be a must-have for all fashionistas and art lovers alike.


Then you can hang out at the member’s club!