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Our web design team promise you first class service and attention to detail that is second to none. We have more project managers, support telephone lines, designers and business specialists than our competitors whilst maintaining an affordable service. If you want the best website, then employ the best website design company today!

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PHP Programming

Obrand’ team has been working on PHP technology over past 5 years. We have been one of the early adopters of this open source processes. We have expert PHP developers in our team. They are well-versed in Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) & AJAX.

• Skills:
Programming in PHP based application, open source application integration and customisation like Oscommerce Development, Word Press Integration, Joomla/ Mambo, Drupal development, PHP Chat integration, PHPBB integration, excellent knowledge and understanding ofjs/validate.js”

• Specialisation:
Our PHP Developer are experts in developing Ecommerce websites, Content Management System, Forum application development, Social networking website design and development, customised PHP/ MY SQL application design and development. Apart from this our dedicated PHP Developer can also work on various payments gateway integrations.

ASP Development

Obrand’ team also provides the facility of ASP developers for your web applications solutions. We develop solutions for an increasingly wide range of businesses. We have proficient ASP Developers in our team. They are well-versed in Asp.

• Skills:
Our developers team has great skills in VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, and DHMTL & SQL-Server along with ASP. They have ability to create the server side scripts and combine the HTML pages with the ASP pages.

• Specialisation:
We are specialised in producing Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, and web-development solutions. Knowledge of software development methodologies and integration best practices

ASP.NET Programming

ASP.Net developers are the specialty of our team, in our organisation, you will find the best and well experienced developers of the ASP.Net. They are well-versed in .Net Framework with high qualification.

• Skills:
Asp.Net Developer has skills for Programming in with / C# front end using, database MS SQL server (2000/2005 or higher). Proficiency in, XML, CSS, Web 2.0, Web services, Web controls, DOM, Java script, AJAX, Web Forms, Facebook Applications

• Specialisation:
VB.Net Developer develops Applications in Ecommerce, content management system, career portal/job boards design and development, ASPDotNetStoreFront based ecommerce store design, dotnetnUK & USe based CMS and development or customisation, open source study and deployment, custom software application design and development. Payment gateway like Paypal, 2checkout,, google checkout integration. Apart from this VB.Net Developer can work any other payment gateway provided by client.

.NET Programming

Obrand has been working on .Net from past 5 years. We have been one of the early adopters of this open source processes. We have proficient .Net developers.

• Skills:
Obrand’, .Net Developers have the best skills for Programming in .net with / C# windows desktop application, database MS SQL server (2000/2005 or higher). Proficiency in, XML, Windows services, Plug-in, Crystal Reports

• Specialisation:
Obrand’, .Net Developers have wide exposure and experience in CRM and Data Management applications, Feed Generator and integrator, Plug-in for QuickBooks, Microsoft office.

Website Designing

A web site is a very powerful and inexpensive marketing and advertising tool and a great way to expand your business over the world.

At Obrand, we pride ourselves on designing web sites that effectively market your business to your target spectators, have fast loading pages and are pleasing to the eye. We make it easy for you to have a professionally designed web site. Obrand creates unique web sites which help you achieve the goals that you have for creating an online presence – whether it is for a business web site or for personal use.

We also provide the other services that are related to website designing Ecommerce, Database driven websites, website redesigning makeover, Domain name registration, web-hosting, website maintenance. The website would be designed by highly skilled professionals & latest technology tools.

A Well-balanced website is what we aim for with the following qualities in mind:

  1. Effective general layout
  2. Efficient use of space
  3. Easy navigation
  4. Well-suited Colour theme
  5. Logo & Banner Design
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Productive user interactivity
  8. Use of Templates
  9. Site Map & Search Features
  10. Daily updates with accuracy
  11. Use of Timesheets to manage your resources
  12. Search Engine Submission to Top Search Engines
  13. Appropriate search engine meta tags/keywords are added on each page of your web site.

We undertake all kinds of maintenance and technical support work. Among the many applications and web sites. Our web site maintenance team works on enhancing existing applications, adding new content, bug fixing and technical support.

If you already have a web site and want someone else to maintain and update the site on a regular basis, we can help you. Obrand can work with existing web site layout, format, and structure and file organisation and implement updates as required. We also assure our assistance to customers through communication via telephone, telephonic Skype and E-mails.

RoR Development

Obrand has unbeatable professionals with the ability to work on Ruby on road (ROR) technology. They have extensive experience of 1-2 years to develop the application on ROR. They are well versed in Linux, Apache, My-SQL, PHP (LAMP) & AJAX.

• Skills:
Ruby on Rails is a powerful web application development platform that leverages the model-view-controller pattern, Obrand uses sophisticated generative programming techniques to enable construction of robust AJAX applications. The one more reason behind the use of Ruby on Rails is more conducive to rapid development than most comparable Java technologies, and Ruby code tends to be easier to read and maintain. The ROR developers are always dedicatedly ready to serve the services to our customers.

• Specialisation:
The dynamic nature of Ruby eliminates the need for compilation, which also serves to improve developer productivity and increases the efficiency & knowledge of the developers. Ruby on Rails provides a more comprehensive architecture that focuses less on client side functionality and includes complete support for database functionality and other elements of web application development. In short Obrand has specialised ROR Developers

Java Development

Obrand also caters the JAVA Developers to its customer. As we know that java is very old technology so the java developers are well-polished in our organisation.

• Skills:
The java developers of Obrand have strong grip on Core java, Advance Java, Net Beans, Java Servlet, JSP, JSTL, JSM, JSF, EJB, JPA, JTA , CSS, JavaScript, DOM, XML, J2EE Technologies, concepts of object oriented Programming (OOP’s), WSDL, SOAP, WS-I, UDDI, JAX-RPC, AXIS, XML RPC, WS-Security, JavaScript, Applet, J2ME, J2SE, SWING, SWT, Eclipse RCP, Macromedia Flex, ActiveX, Free-Marker, Web-Work, etc. Enthusiastic, Reliability and ability to quickly adopt new technologies are the best key skills of our java developers. Apart from this Java Developer can work any other payment gateway provided by client.

• Specialisation:
Obrand’s developers are well-refined and specialised into the development of the java based application. Development teams in the Java and J2EE area include highly experienced programmers and developers, system programmers, systems analysts and architects, project managers, and others. The teams carry out development and implementation projects in all leading technologies.

Ecommerce Solutions | E-commerce Website Development

ECommerce means buying and selling of goods and services online over the Internet. At Obrand, We build ecommerce websites that turn your visitors into customers. Obrand integrates communications, data management and security to offer clients Ecommerce solutions to businesses worldwide.

Since the start of the e-commerce revolution Obrand has been at the cutting edge of new technologies for building bespoke and off the shelf solutions.

Obrand offers the four pillars to successful B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions :

  1. Business strategy,
  2. Design and usability
  3. Technology and security
  4. Products and marketing.

We provide quality, strategy and development for all four of these components with a good 24 x 7 support and this assure that we will make the ideal partner in your E-commerce solution as an offshore ecommerce service provider.

Why you should consider getting into e-Business:

  1. Increase revenue
  2. Establish new markets
  3. Reduce operating costs
  4. Build customer loyalty
  5. Create a convenient buying experience for your customers
  6. Improve communications with customers and business partners

A business of any size can benefit from an online shopping cart. However, for your business to be successful it must attract new customers, deliver a satisfying online shopping experience, and provide you with the effective and easy tools to manage it.

Our focus is to provide you with an easy to use and feature-rich eCommerce website development solutions that allows you to personalise your e-business product offerings, improve your internet marketing effectiveness, Our e-commerce initiatives improve sales performances, customer satisfaction and marketing initiatives undertaken by a company and offer the value-added services that lead to more satisfied and loyal customers.

Whatever your business, Obrand can help you market and sell your products and services more cost effectively. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways to sell on the web.

Please contact us to explore the wide array of eCommerce Solutions.

Internet Marketing

Any business should already have a marketing plan and objectives from their offline initiatives, so let’s jump straight into the technology aspects of online marketing. I generally look at the following things first, because they can be done at very low or no initial cost, and also because subsequent specialist marketing won’t be as successful without these things in place. Of course there is a huge amount more to online marketing, the extent of which could easily be justified as a full-time university course. This is the pre-school notes, to help get your site to a starting point on a low budget if you can’t quite afford to be calling in the big guns to market your site for you professionally just yet.

1. Search Engine Optimisation

This is always the place to start, because the effectiveness of everything which follows is often dependent on this being done up front. Only once your site has been optimised for intelligent visitors should you tweak it for search engines, but never at the expense of the former.

Search engines look at things like keyword density and how specifically a page matches a specific search term. Of course this is extremely over simplistic, but nevertheless a worthwhile starting point. By identifying 10-20 key terms you would like search engines to pick up on, and creating specialised pages with relevant information which utilises those terms in the right way, you will start getting much better results once your site has been indexed.

2. Linking and indexing

The next step is to get search engines to start to notice and index your site. Google, for example, won’t even look at your site until it has been linked to by at least one other indexed site. Paid inclusion (paying the search engines to index your site on a priority schedule) can be appropriate at this phase if you need to urgently accelerate this process, however it is not always necessary.

Especially useful at this stage can be participating in forums serving your primary target market. This has the dual benefit of creating awareness of your business within communities you would like to reach, and at the same time can help create incoming links to your site, something that search engines pay particular attention to. Ensure that your site details are included as a link in the footer of your posts.

Never use a forum to spam members or submit unsolicited advertising posts — that just has the opposite effect of destroying your business’ credibility. Some forums have a separate advertising section in which it may be appropriate to professionally post information about your services and products. Always make sure that your presence represents a valuable contribution to the community. Stay on topic and be professional, helpful and constructive.

Search engines take many factors into consideration when ranking a site. New sites, for example, don’t initially fare well, however you will find they will allocate some credibility weighting to you the longer your site is up and running. The biggest factor though, external to the site itself, is the number of inbound (preferably non-reciprocal) links from other sites, and the context and wording of the referring link, as well as the ranking of the referring page, and referring site. The popularity of those sites plays a big role, as well as how high up in the site’s own hierarchy the link is.

3. Implement online marketing partnerships with high-profile online businesses

This is where you can really benefit if implemented successfully. We previously managed an eCommerce business unit for a large company, rather than pay high-traffic websites to advertise on their sites, which can be very much untargeted, we offered them a percentage of sales. In other words, we provided them with the banners to promote the service, and implemented simple tracking of where our visitors were coming from, and then paid a percentage of the total revenue to the referrer. This resulted in very low marketing costs to us, and the referring sites started placing more and more emphasis on their side to ensure that we got top placement whenever they were low on paid inventory.

Another effective medium-term strategy is to provide content of value to sites which serve your target market. They benefit from your topical content, you benefit from the exposure and links.

4. Dabble in paid keyword advertising

Only at this point should you actually be starting to pay for online advertising. These forms of advertising, however, allow you to specifically target certain people, which means you get a much better return on investment than simply advertising to everyone. This can take some trial and error to find what works best, but the amount you pay should be less than the amount of business you generate, and should normally include full measurement and reports on a reasonably regular basis, preferably online.

For this purpose, I often suggest starting with Google. They are by far the most popular search engine globally, they have a very good reputation, provide reporting online, and are probably the most likely to produce results initially. Yahoo and MSN also have excellent paid link systems, and they keep getting better all the time. The latest offerings from all three are now also starting to allow targeting to specific demographics, a trend that is likely to become the preferred way to target online audiences once the capabilities for this type of targeting matures.

5. Involve an internet marketing specialist

At this point, you should be starting to see some results, and be in a good position to ask some intelligent questions. Preferably deal only with a business that has a good reputation (ask for client contact details so you can find out how effective they are), and has preferably has been around for at least a few years. They should also provide very detailed reports (ask for examples of these up front), and be able to explain in detail how they go about promoting your site, on which sites they do so, the number of views and click-throughs per site per day, and how effective each promotion was relative to the next. They should also meet with you at least once a month to review successes and failures and involve you in the decision-making process of where next to promote your business. At least monthly, you should be in a position to evaluate your cost per sale for various promotions, and to change your focus accordingly.

Especially be wary of businesses who claim unrealistically quick results, or base their business mainly only on search engine submission, or use deceptive practices to try and “trick” search engines into ranking you higher. These usually at best produce no value, and can in some cases lead to your site being removed or ranked very low by search engines.

Software Development

Software engineers at Obrand specialise in providing web and software development services.

Obrand is a one stop software development company suitable for implementing your business ideas as a software solution.

Our dedicated developers will provide you with software development services and solutions that will help you to be one step ahead of your competition by continuously improving your software based business solutions.

Our software development team has professional, industry certified experts comprising of project managers, software engineers, programmers, testers, designers and technical writers with exclusive skill sets.

We strive to gain a deep understanding of your industry, customers, partners and competitors through our software research and development exercises. Armed with this holistic knowledge regarding your business, we imbibe creativity and breakthrough thinking in software development activities undertaken by us.

We provide you with the cost effective and quality software developed by highly skilled resources having excellent technical expertise. Our expert software developer has rich experience in software development of over 7 years.

Please contact us to know more about our Software Development services.