iPhone – iPad – iTouch – Android  – Windows 7 & 8 – Blackberry

Obrand specialises in the design and development of innovative iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry and Symbian  applications across various business and industry sectors. For multi-user and business driven processes, we also develop and implement enterprise level iPhone apps, including back-end integration with existing business models and databases.

  • IDEA – We work with you to develop your iPhone, iPad,  iTouch, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry or Symbian idea and refine it
  • DEVELOP – Our designers and developers then transform that idea into reality.
  • LAUNCH – App store or Android store launch and support.

Obrand offers a full-service experience to clients for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry and Symbian software and application development.


droppedImage_1Idea Factory

We can help define and refine your ideas to create a commercially viable application. With experience in various mobile frameworks, we can help translate those ideas into reality.


droppedImage_2Interface Design

The iPhone has revolutionised the way user interfaces are defined and used. Taking an idea from concept, we can outline what the best user interface framework would be to provide the optimum user experience.


4-platforms 2Platform Dependency

The various iPhone versions, i.e. 2.5g, 4g, or even the Touch range have all got their own unique characteristics. Designing applications for each version requires its own design and development methodologies. We can help eliminate this hurdle.


3_pic_4Application Development

Because we have been in the media industry for years, we follow a set of development lifecycle methodologies that ensures all applications conform to well-optimised standards and performance. Each app is quality tested before being deployed.


droppedImageDeployment and Support

Once the application is launched, we continue to offer support and optimisation services. Our team is available at hand anytime for support issues, bugs, upgrades, and new feature requests.