We Do Everything In House, Limiting Your Costs

1) Strategy

We first meet with clients to determine which types of video will best enhance their brand, product, service or website, engage their customers, and increase their business. We also show how best to incorporate video into a website, blog or campaign with easy user interface.

2) Concept

We then help clients determine the most effective way to drive their revenue through video. Testimonials, key personnel interviews, and product demonstrations are just some of the ways we recommend reaching out to customers.

3) Scripting

Once the video concepts are solidified, we script the video to ensure that the end product closely resembles the initial goal.

4) Pre-Production

Properly preparing for production keeps costs down, so we handle all aspects of filming, such as hiring talent, securing props, selecting locations, and scheduling production crews.

5) Production

Using professional video equipment and state-of-the-art production techniques, we ensure that the final product best represents the company’s image.

6) Post-Production

We edit the production on multiple editing system best suited for the project, we use softwares and tools that are the industry standard for commercial and full-length feature films and the world leaders in digital media creation tools for film, video, audio, and animation.

7) Delivery

Once the video is edited, clients review it from the comfort of their desks, as the video is streamed from our server. After the video is finalised, it is uploaded to the clients’ web server or distributed widely over the internet.

8) Value-Adding

We work with clients to extract additional value from their video, repurposing the raw or edited footage for advertising and media purposes, incorporating it into e-mail marketing campaigns, using it at trade show booths, and/or burning it onto DVDs for direct marketing campaigns.