Obrand really see 3D as the next evolution in imaging.  It is a key platform going forward in the industry and definitely for our company.

With the growth of Hollywood films in 3D, and television manufacturers coming up with new 3D TV sets, Obrand believes it’s becoming a huge platform. Consumer awareness of 3D is rising quickly, we see that as a key platform not only on the image capture side in a digital camera, but also on the printing side and the imaging side of our business, very soon 3D will reach mobile phones.

Obrand provides 3D production services our film crew are very experienced in the production of 3D film and stereoscopic video.


We provide HD camera sets, rigs and all necessary production services for stereoscopic filming, used in order to create 3-Dimensional video. We are using our custom made stereoscopic rigs and HD cameras in order to shoot for a 3D video.


Our post-production team is specialised in workflows for 3D post-production.

3D isn’t just for feature films. In fact, In January 2011, Sony, Imax, and Comcast started providing 3D material on cable. Discovery is launching a satellite 3D channel. And, virtually any flat-panel TV sold in the last two years is 3D-ready. Consumers don’t have to spend a lot to watch 3D in their home.