Search Engine Optimisation & Video Search Engine Optimisation

Video Search Engine Optimisation has become a necessity with the explosion of online video. As the fastest growing medium in history, online video has become a natural consumer tool in making buying decisions. When it comes to rising above the billions of videos crowding the cloud, Obrand knows VSEO.

We ensure your videos rank highly across all traditional search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, in addition to the major video portals. The majority of videos viewed are found via search, with YouTube standing as the second largest search engine in terms of queries – video or otherwise.

Uploading videos is not enough to achieve high ranking among the search listings. The landscape is immensely competitive and search engine optimisation for video has become a requirement for a company to rise above the clutter. Obrand is a leader in professional video search marketing, from production to optimisation to distribution. Our unique technology continually works to achieve the highest possible search rankings for videos.

Search engines often use the number and relevance of links to a website as key factors in determining Page Ranking. Strategic linking has become the key to PageRank; the key which opens the door to top search listings. As the building blocks of better results, incoming links can make or break your business online.

  • Benefits of Video Search Engine Optimisation:
  • Google
  • Gain visibility across multiple engines quickly
  • Reach targeted consumers by keyword
  • Create impact with the power of sight, sound and motion
  • See results with dedicated reporting